Tony K. M. Chang (Chief executive Officer Taiwan Design Center)

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) has long been devoted to the promotion of creativity, aesthetics and design, and is world renowned for its economic success as a stronghold of manufacturing and trade. Among our many recent achievements was the successful bid to host the first ever IDA (International Design Alliance) congress, which will be held in Taipei from 24-26 October 2011.


The IDA Congress, under the theme “Design at the Edges”, will bring experts in design and design-related disciplines from all over the world under one roof to discuss the most important issues in which we all have a stake. Through the congress and its supporting events, presentations of ideas and works of design will build connections between design professionals, entrepreneurs and the general public. In addition, the voices of designers and people interested in design will be heeded and heard.


The supporting events include international exhibitions and workshops, cultural celebrations and tours that explore the dynamic beauty of the island. The Taiwan government has designated 2011 as the “Year of Design”, with design-related activities to be held all-year-round.


You are invited to personally experience the hospitality and friendliness of our people. While here, you will also have a rare opportunity to learn about our cultural and regional diversity, unique historical and cultural background, enjoy fine and rich cuisines, visit scenic spot and experience the exciting nightlife of Taipei.


As a member of the organising Committee and CEO of the Taiwan Design Center (TDC), a national design center which is responsible for organising these events together with IDA under the auspices of the government and the support of the private sector, I look forward to seeing you in Taipei in October 2011.


Tony K. M. Chang
Chief executive Officer
Taiwan Design Center