Past President of (ICOGRADA)

I salute Taipei as the first city to host the first IDA Congress in October 2011. As an internationally working graphic designer, as President and as Past President of ICOGRADA I travelled in the last 25 years to many places around the world – to speak at conferences, to meet clients, to judge competitions, to lecture at universities, to advise design centers, to meet colleagues, to exhibit my design works ... 


So it happened in 1990 coming from a conference in Japan, that I touched down in Taipei to visit the Design Promotion Center. I returned several times to advise the DPC. At those occasions I introduced ICOGRADA and promoted the formation of associations for designers. Soon DPC (today TDC) became a member of ICOGRADA – among the first from Asia.


Meanwhile awareness for design and importance of design grew in Asia very fast. It is exciting to see the former seeds blossom out: there are many active associations, institutions and organisations for design in many regions – now all under the roof of IDA.


But the most beautiful flower of these seeds is the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei. I wish good luck and much success.


high quality sustainable conception and visual design for global communication,
Past President of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA),
Cologne, Germany