KIM Hyuntae
President,Korea Institute of Design Promotion

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to congratulate the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei.


Taiwan has great meaning to Korea and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP). The 1995 Icsid Congress, held in Taiwan, was where the first Korean board member was elected. And this became a stepping stone for Korea to become a more active player in the international design community.


The first IDA Congress in Taipei also has great importance to Asia as it is home to over 60% of the world’s population. However, the role that Asia has played in the international design community, though it has continued to increase over the years, has not been as significant as that of other continents. The 2011 IDA Congress Taipei will be an opportunity for Asia to broaden its presence in the international community. It will also be an opportunity for Asia, side-by-side with the international community, to lead discussions on and sharing of ideas that will allow design to contribute to making a better world.


With Icsid, Icograda and IFI gathering under one umbrella, the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei will be a definite opportunity for those engaged in the creative industry to share and exchange their ideas, allowing us to overcome any walls that might exist between fields.


Taiwan Design Center, with the support of the Taiwan government, has shown great effort in making certain that the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei is a success. And the preparations being made cannot be better. And so, I am certain that the congress will be a promising venue where we can all listen to and discuss various ideas, opinions and matters regarding the industry that will lead us further ahead.


I look forward to meeting you all this coming October!

KIM Hyuntae
Korea Institute of Design Promotion