Anne Marie Boutin

Multiple cooperations between Taiwan and France in the field of design have successfully involved partners on both sides since...

Apisit Laistrooglai
Managing Director, (TCDC)

Insightful presentations, thought-provoking discussions and stimulating workshops. The 2011 IDA Congress Taipei is a must go to destination...

Belinda Stening
Publisher and Managing Editor

Taipei is a vibrant city, with a strong and thriving design community. It is the perfect meeting place for designers, and design stakeholders...

Brandon Gien
Managing Director, Good Design Australia

Design at the Edges is set to be a thought provoking and a very unique design event – the first ever congress of its kind...

Past President of (ICOGRADA)

I salute Taipei as the first city to host the first IDA Congress in October 2011. As an internationally working graphic designer, as President ...

Jae-Jin Shim
CEO, Seoul Design Foundation

I think the fact that the first IDA Congress since the establishment of IDA(International Design Alliace) is held in Taiwan and in Asia is really...

KIM Hyuntae
President,Korea Institute of Design Promotion

Taiwan has great meaning to Korea and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP). The 1995 Icsid Congress, held in Taiwan ....

Liu Yongli
Managing director, City of Design, China

As an international city, more and more creative design gathering in Taiwan. As the first world congress of IDA, it involves almost every field...

Director, President, JAGDA

Taipei is well known as a miracle-like city in the world that still preserves its own traditional culture in a sound way. It has also formed a...

Peter Simlinger
Director, IIID

Taiwan bridges east and west, tradition and innovation, theory and practice. Designers should come to learn from a pioneering nation and...

Prof. Alpay Er, PhD FDRS
Chairperson, Istanbul Tech. University (ITU)

Serving as the collective voice of design, the International Design Alliance (IDA) is an important initiative between the international...

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