“2011 IDA Congress, Taipei” will promote the development of technology, academic and research in the design and related industries. Furthermore, the said congress will be able to lead  not only Taiwan’s industry but also Asian countries to be more design and innovation oriented and through the integration between Government and civil power, the design could really go deep into the general life and enhance the aesthetic quality of the people. Via the world-class activity, we could really shape the national image and the design value.


Your sponsorship will become the important pushing hands to make “2011 IDA Congress” successful, you can’t be absent in this historic significance inaugural 2011 IDA Congress
1. Through a comprehensive integrated marketing opportunities for media exposure to promote corporate brand image:
To promote 2011 IDA Congress, from 2009 to 2011, the organizer will cooperate with IDA partners to promote the said event through comprehensive promotion program domestic and overseas. and the host will hold some promotional event and design touring shows on important domestic and abroad exhibitions & fairs.
The number of expected media reports on activities of the 2011 IDA Congress is at least 7,000. Of them, 2,500 are overseas reports. The total reach of local and foreign media reports is 1.1 billion man-times.


2. To help enterprises access to international exposure, and gain excellent opportunities to get touch with high-quality consumer market within creative economy:
Holding the first IDA congress in 2011, with expected participation of 3,000 local and foreign designers from 60 countries, and for the 2011 International Design Expo, with expected 5,000 exhibit booths to display pieces of design and products from 40 countries and attract 1 million visiting times.
Regarding 'Year of Design,' 50 relevant activities will be held with at least 4 million visiting times by local people and 30,000 visiting times of foreigners. 
The target audience of the said activities will be design and cultural and creative industry-based professionals, among that, most of them are leaders from international design societies and design companies, leaders from business, political, cultural background, and high-income earners with the interest of creative economy.


3. The best platform to build up the interactive network and partnership with Taiwanese government, international design societies :
2011 IDA Congress is the world-class creative design activity which co-organized by the central and local government, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taipei City Government. It’s rare to see this scale joint co-organized activity in Taiwan.
In addition to the activities of government departments to link up the forces in Taiwan, the said Congress but also integrate international resource such as Icsid, Icograda and IFI etc.


4. Through the sponsorship to promote the cooperate image of public welfare and to enhance the staff’s dedication to company:
Art Association of the United States-sponsored enterprises (BCA) survey found that: 30% of the staff is more willing to stay in the company that sponsor on some arts and creative industries. Your sponsorship will not only promote the said activities, but also help to enhance the competitiveness of your company to retain more talents.



?? Your sponsorship will assist in 2011 IDA Congress, Taipei to reach the following objectives:

1. Through the sponsorship of funding to obtain the venue of convention and exhibition activities, to invite international representative speakers and panelist to join, and to expand the scale of promotional activities domestically and abroad.

2. Through the sponsorship of activities, goods and services, such as media, information technology equipment, air services, transport, accommodation etc. to encourage high-quality enterprises to join the event and to upgrade the overall branding image. 

3. .Through the participation of enterprises, the 2011 IDA Congress, Taipei will become an 'experience economy' example to present Taiwan unique aesthetics ,lifestyle and generic design value.


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