The theme of the congress will be “Design at the Edges” which has the following meanings:
* The edge between the design practices and other fields having a stake in design, including: science, technology, government, business, and non-governmental humanitarian organizations.
* The edge between design disciplines, especially communication, interior and industrial design. What do the disciplines share and what makes them distinctive?
* “Cutting edge” work and ideas in design and in other fields: radically new, controversial, experimental, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.


Owing to the inspiration of inter-discipline integration could arouse creativities, create business opportunities, advance culture and meet the needs of the future, there will be 5 topics in the 3-day congress, including business, humanity, the third sector, technology and health/environment. They are expected to provide designers different points of view and new opportunities.


The 2011 IDA Congress is supposed to be held at Taipei International Convention Center from Oct., 24, 2011 to Oct., 26. There are two major parts of the congress which are keynote speeches and parallel sessions. There will be 1 or 2 keynote speeches every morning and a total of 5 keynote speeches in the 3-day congress. The parallel sessions will be held every afternoon and there will be varieties of activities with different topics and formats provided to meet different participants’ needs. The detailed schedule is now constructed and will be announced after being finalized. Thank you for your patience.


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