SongShan Creative Design Park

 Exhibition Venue at SongShan Creative Design Park

      ( Not open for Public Application )


This venue is for dialogue between art and culture and showcases products that combine design with culture and art. Designers and non-designers can exchange ideas here. 6 sub-exhibitions are included.


(1) Theme Exhibition

The exhibition planned by international curators shows modern, forward-looking, cultural and global design perspectives.


(2)  Vogue Design Exhibition (National Palace Museum)

National Palace Museum is a visitor-oriented cultural institute that keeping up with the change of time with f optimal use of its wide collection and resources. Recreation of past glory with the assistance of multimedia and space design and coupled with cultural and creative products creates an atmosphere linking antiquity with modernity.


(3)  International Graphic Design Exhibition

Avant-garde graphic designs are displayed under the theme “Design at the Edges. Exhibited items fully integrate science with art, providing visitors with a brand- new visual experience.


(4)  International Interior Design Exhibition

Designs combining different cultures and lifestyles with green and sustainable development illustrate a symbiotic relationship between interior design and the environment.


 (5)  International Craft Design Exhibition

This exhibition features avant-garde crafts that incorporating traditional craftsmanship and fashion.


(6) Taipei Digital Arts Exhibition

With the theme “communication and interaction”, this exhibition stresses an interaction between users and devices and tells how life, art and technology kindle sparks by allowing visitors to interact with exhibits.


(7)  Creative Studios

The exhibition collects works of high-caliber creative studios of Taiwan and provides a platform for creative industries.


(8)  Creative Market

       A market closest to visitors will surely what up their stopping appetence.


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