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IDA Congress
The IDA Congress is the primary event for dialogue between designers and non-designer stakeholders in a summit format. After an international Call for Proposals, the Taiwan Design Centre was selected as the IDA’s partner to organise the inaugural 2011 IDA Congress.



World Design Survey
With the World Design Survey pilot, Icograda and the pilot participants, are focussed on creating a sustainable framework to map the generic design sector, determining the contribution of the design economy and the level of strategic engagement of design as a socio-economic and cultural developmental imperative at governmental level.

This project is intended to facilitate the understanding of the magnitude, impact, characteristics and unique cultural differences of the design economy in an international context. 



World Design Capital™
World Design Capital™ project is a biennial international designation created to identify and recognise cities that have effectively used design to revive the city and improve its quality of life.

Icsid manages the WDC with the aim to promote the merits of design in strengthening and empowering cities to reinvent themselves and position their competitive advantages from a social, cultural and economic point of view.


Indigo seeks to understand what makes design distinctive to its home and the connections to the place where it is made and for whom it is made.



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