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The International Design Alliance (IDA) is governed by the IDA executive Committee, which consists of nine members. These members are appointed by the executive Boards at the first board meeting immediately following the General Assemblies of each partner and serve until the next General Assembly.


2007-2009 IDA executive Committee Members


Rotating Chairpersons
• Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen (Icsid President)
• Mr. Don Ryun Chang (Icograda President)
• Mr. Shrikant Nivasarkar (IFI President)


executive Committee
• Dr. Mark Breitenberg (Icsid President-Elect)
• Prof. Dr. Peter Zec (Icsid Senator)
• Prof. Russell Kennedy (Icograda President-Elect)
• Ms. Lise Vejse Klint (Icograda Secretary General)
• Ms. Shashi Caan (IFI President-Elect)
• Ms. Madeline Lester (2005-2007 IFI President)


• Ms. Dilki de Silva (Icsid Secretary General)
• Ms. Brenda Sanderson (Icograda Managing Director)
• Ms. Deirdre Gould (IFI Secretary General)



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