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Beauty of Taiwan


About Taiwan
A commercial hub, Taiwan plays an important role in Asia as well as the whole world both geographically and economically. Being on the geographical center of a region covering Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, Taiwan contains widely-varied and complex features waiting for people to explore. Various cultural and natural offerings and forms of entertainment are what make Taiwan attractive. Its features include highly mature information industry, fine Chinese and foreign cuisines, and literature, art, and design, whether they are conventional, modern, or postmodern.

As Taiwan is hosting the 2011 IDA Congress, participants will have a good opportunity to witness the vibrant development of Taiwan’s field-crossing cultural and creative industry with different aspects and diversified cultural background. It is a grand event of international scale which you surely do not want to miss.

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About Taipei
Taipei is the capital and the political, commercial, cultural and fashion center of the country. It is also a city which never sleeps. The nightlife of the city is as lively, if not more lively, when compared with daytime. In  Taipei, 24-hour bookstores, restaurants, cinemas, karaoke parlors, and other places of cultural or leisure entertainment are providing visitors with a dynamic urban living experience. from hip-hop dancers practicing outside Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall to traditional music bands performing indoors at the same place, it is obvious that Taipei is changing with the pace of the world. Taipei city and its surrounding areas has formed a dynamic entity which is persistently transforming, and its different cultural offerings such as exhibitions at the National Palace Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Eslite bookstores, and uproarious night markets, and lounge bars are what attract visitors the most.   

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