Title:Parallel Events

Songshan Creative & Cultural Park

Exhibition Venue at Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

This venue establishes a dialogue between art and culture, showcasing products that combine design with culture and art. The venue provides the opportunity for designers and non-designers to exchange ideas. Six sub-exhibitions are included.


 (1) Theme Exhibition

The theme is “well-being,” which echoes “Design at the Edges,” the theme of the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei with a viewpoint and approach of beneficence design. The exhibition aims to achieve transcendence from boundaries of design field, nationality, region, and rank and bring about blissfulness of human society.

 (2) Int’l Industrial Design Exhibition

This exhibition systematically presents classic design style of the  20th century, contemporary design and topics of future lifestyle and design trend. It showcases traces of development of industrial design and the role Taiwan plays in the said development.

 (3) Int’l Interior Design Exhibition

 With the theme “World, Taiwan,”  this exhibition has been planned by a team composed of 10 prestigious interior designers. The exhibition simulates future issues to be faced by the mankind and intends to break boundaries of the indoors and outdoors in order to come up with design most suitable and beneficial to the mankind and the environment.

 (4) Int’l Graphic Design Exhibition

With the theme “Intertidal Age,” this exhibition presents itself with four major exhibit sections, namely forceful hug, own universe, simplistic future, and warm true love. Foreign and domestic designers have invited to participate. The exhibition intends to expose Taiwan’s graphic design to the world in addition to helping Taiwan graphic designers to foster an international landscape.

 (5) Int’l Craft Design Exhibition

Crossover Symbiosis is the theme of this exhibition. Its goal is the exploration of artistic concepts relating to the fomenting of the peaceful co-existence of different nations in todays globalized world through the lens of multiculturalism, examining the overcoming of cultural differences and dialogues on cultural conflicts, exchanges and fusion.

 (6) Interdisciplinary Creative Works on Asia’s Cultural Creativity Exhibition

Under the theme “Beauty of Heaven and Earth,” the exhibition has applied the elements of famous calligraphy works of Yang-tze Tong. Many famous Asian graphic designers have been invited to create posters for this exhibition, which also include works of field-crossing commercial products developed by designers. There is also dancing performance in addition to on-site display of T-shirt of excellent design by 100 famous artists.

 (7) Golden Pin Designs Exhibition

 This exhibition puts on a grand display of Golden Pin Award-winning items in such categories as industrial design, packaging design, visual communication design, and interior design.

 (8) Design Players Exhibition

Global design studios and companies will display their latest hot-selling items. Exhibitors include Urban Prefer, UID Create Ltd., BRIGHT IDEAS DESIGN CO., LTD., DUCKIMAGE CO., LTD., Pegatron Corporation, and Whipsaw.

 (9) Taiwan Design Museum 



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