Title:Parallel Events

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4F)

Multiple dimensions of design are revealed through situational and powerful presentations, highlighting novel, conceptual and interactive experiences. This hall is divided into six exhibit areas, each area having its own unique features, including:


 (1) Enterprises Area

55 exhibiting enterprises, including BenQ Group-Qisda Corporation, LUXGEN Motor, Japan Enterprises, and Pan German Motors Ltd, MUJI(Taiwan).

 (2) Int’l Design Networking Area

43 domestic and overseas exhibitors, including Taipei City Government, Ubifrance and Apci, Icsid, Icograda, iFi, iF, reddot, JDP, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan Textile Research Institute and Taiwan Textile Federation.

 (3) Touching Design Exhibit Area

Showcasing theatrically the fine image of Taiwan-made and Taiwan-designed products through the approach of beneficence design and touching stories with diversified features of Taiwan industry.

 (4) Taiwan-Mainland China Design Area

Exhibitors in this area include associations, non-profit organisations, enterprises (conglomerates), design firms and design studios from mainland China presenting avant-garde design and CIS, as well as the latest developments in design.

 (5) Multi-media Design Area

      Featuring “movement” and “stillness” of digital contents under the guidelines of harmony of “yin” and “yang” and sustainability of living creatures in “Book of Changes,” building a field-crossing stage of exchanges in “one source and multi usage” digital contents, converging diversified digital creativity in Taiwan through an integration of “Movement-digital theater,” “Stillness-Future Classroom,” and Digital Museum, and showcasing Taiwan’s original creativity in this respect.





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