2011 Taiwan International Design Expo

A Feast of Crossover and Borderless Design

2011 Taiwan International Design Expo is a major event under the said congress will display works of graphic and interior design, architecture and art. Visitors will experience from past to future life styles through this grand design event. We welcome design promotion agencies, design organizations and companies, world-famous enterprises and educational institutions from all over the world to join us in 2011. An estimate of 1 million visitors from home and abroad will take part in this event.



A Global Design Platform You Don’t Want to Miss

The expo transforms static display in the past into “creative global design interaction”. In addition, crossover designs and international design resources are also present as well.

Expo Challenging Sensuality through Elite Design

Visitors will have an opportunity to experience futuristic space on site. With the theme” Design at the edges,” the organizer presents you with an inspiring covering works and corporations of diverse fields of design from all over the world! It’s an unprecedented show!

Expo Theme Closing Following International Trend

Under the themeDesign at the Edges,” which breakthrough will be achieved with an interaction between design and other fields ,such as science, technology, government and business. New discovery will be achieved through interplay among people with different design background (industrial design, visual communication design, and interior design).Brand-new, controversial, or experimental concepts and design will challenge all LIMITs.


Reason for Not Missing Out on 2011 Taiwan International Design Expo

1.       Boosting this eventYour participation will boost the said event and the continued success of ensuring events.

2.       Reaching out to the worldThis expo provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to the world and gain first-hand experience in aesthetic economy.

3.       Crossover design resourcesThis event, attracting representatives from the industry and related fields, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, is capable of integrating international design resources.

SongShan Creative Design Park

Nangang Exhibition Hall

Taipei Word Trade



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