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2011 Taipei World Design Expo introdcution Download (10.9.2010 update)


2011 Taipei World Design Expo Application Guide: Nangang Exhibition Hall  Download  (10.9.2010 update)

2011 Taipei World Design Expo Application Guide: TWTC Hall 1 Download  (25.8.2010 update)





  2011台湾国際デザイン博覧会出展要項 ダウンロード  (New)



  Note :

1.   Please carefully read the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo Participation Guide' before filling in the form.


   2. Application period

First round of applications: The deadline is 30 June 2010.

Second round of applications: Application BEGINs on 1 July and ends on 31 December 2010.



   Contact information


   1.Int’l Enterprises Area

   Vicky Kao Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.535

   e-mail: vicky_kao@tdc.org.tw


   2.Taiwan-Mainland China Design Area &

    Int’l Design Networking Area 

   Jodi Chen Tel:+886-2-2705-2112 ext.11

   e-mail: jodi_chen@tdc.org.tw


   3.Designer Players Exhibition

   Fran Xiao Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.577

   e-mail: fran@tdc.org.tw


   4.Int'l Design Students Exhibition

   Emita Lin Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.338

   email: emita_lin@tdc.org.tw


   2011 Taipei World Design Expo Team (Taiwan Design Center)


   Fuhui Tsai Tel:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.333

   Eve Chan Tel:+886-2-2746-8199 ext.334

   e-mail: expo@2011idacongress.com


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