Title:IDA Congress

Social Events

Welcome Party

All guests will be treated to a sumptuous Chinese dinner buffet in the Plaza of the National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center. Musou Band will play several songs to welcome all the guests, and after the dinner, all guests are invited to either spend a pleasant evening watching a performance by Ju Percussion Group in the National Concert Hall or enjoy a production by U-theater in the National Theater. These climactic performances will bring the evening to a spectacular close for all our guests.


Venue: National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center (National Concert Hall, National Theater and the Plaza)

1. The three evening social events provide locker services, however, the lockers are limited, first come first service basis. Pleasekeep valuable items within your possessions at all times. The organisers do not accept responsibility for your belongings.
2. The venues for the three evening social events do not provide parking lots for guests, and there is limited parking in the vicinity of the venues. Please take the shuttle bus arranged by the organisers or take the Taipei Mass Transit System to get to the venues. Please do not drive there yourself.
How to go to "Welcome Party" : Take the MRT-Xindian line, Zhonghe Line (transfer to the Xindian line at Guting Station) or Xiaonanmen line; get off at the ChiangKai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, leave the station from Exit 5, and you will be within walking distance of the venue.
3. In the evening of the Welcome Party (24 October) event , please bring the program ticket for the National Concert Hall or the National Theater ( the ticket attached to your Badge) with you in order to enter the Concert Hall or the National Theater, and take your seat according to the number shown on your ticket. Please do not drink, eat or smoke in the National Theater and Concert Hall. Your cooperation is much appreciated.
4. Please see ‘ Evening Social Events Guide ’ for more detailed program information about the three evening events.
5. For further information about the Evening Social Events, please contact Taiwan Design Center :
Phone no. : +886-2-27458199
ext. 553 / 558 / 559 /561
E-mail: peining_lee@tdc.org.tw



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