Title:IDA Congress

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Urbanism – Shaping Cities through Urban Design Strategies


By 2050 over 80% of the world’s population will live in cities. Cities can be exciting, creative and liberating. They can also be cruel and inhuman.

It is only by the thoughtful weaving together of strategies for transportation, climate change, housing and public space that we can create cites which will be economically successful, beautiful and socially cohesive.

Urbanism can bring together all of the design disciplines to create cities which are designed at human scale around the needs of the citizen.

Peter Bishop will explore examples where cities across the world are beginning to creatively tackle these issues and define an approach to urbanism that could set the conditions for successful urban growth in the challenging 21st century.


Speaker Profiles

Mr. Peter Bishop (United Kingdom)

Former Deputy CEO & Group Director of Design, Development and Environment
London Development Agency

Over the past 20 years Mr Peter Bishop has been a Planning Director in four different Central London Boroughs and has worked on major projects including Canary Wharf and the Kings Cross developments...

Mr. Fred Gelli (Brazil)
Creative Director & Partner
Design Discipline:Communication Design
Mr. Marco Steinberg (Finland)
Director of Strategic Design
Finnish Innovation Fund
Design Discipline:Industrial Design
Mr. Michael Murphy (US)
Mass Design
Design Discipline:Interior Architecture / Design
Mr. Feng-Tyan Lin
College of Planning and Design, National Cheng Kung University


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