Title:IDA Congress

Keynote Sessions

The Internet

Vision for the future, culture in the heart


We are witnessing a virtual revolution of the internet. Our vision, however, should be not just one for technology, but technology for culture and humanity. In designing the future internet, we would build up a triangle scheme of digital citizen, digital society, and digital government, through '3C's' -- Cloud computing, Connectivity, and Client devices. Among which, cloud computing is a driving force for the global digital economy, where scalable and virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet. For the new generation of 'digital natives', internet is entirely natural, always instantly available, anywhere, anytime, on any device. They are the future. Our challenge is to make technology work for culture and humanity, instead of the other way around, finishing the unfinished revolution.

Speaker Profiles

Mr. Barry Lam (Taiwan)

Chairman & CEO
Quanta Computer Inc.

Barry Lam has been described as a maverick among Taiwanese businessmen. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he moved to Taiwan to attend university. He started Quanta in 1988.

Mr. Bill Seaman (US)
Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Design Discipline:Communication Design
Mr. Eric Schuldenfrei (United Kingdon/Hong Kong)
eskyiu Ltd.
Design Discipline:Interior Architecture / Design
Ms. Ruth Soenius (Germany)
Director Of User Experience
Design Discipline:Industrial Design
Mr. Chintay Shih
Institute for Information Industry


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