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Economic Development

Economic development: modelling the experience of Northern Europe to drive sustainable economic development of nations


The countries of Northern Europe have used creative thinking and innovative systems to achieve sustained economic development of their countries, and have become models for the world, with Finland being the most representative country of Northern Europe. Design has become a way of life there, and Jorma Ollila, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Nokia, has pointed out that the innovative economic models of Northern Europe can be a way out for transformative development of various economic systems around the globe.


Mr. Esko Aho will discuss national innovative systems and creative economies from a business perspective and a national perspective. The last ten years has seen substantial growth in the design industry - a trend seen worldwide, and countries will need to increasingly rely on competitive productivity and innovation. This is where design plays a significant role.



Speaker Profiles

Mr. Esko Aho (Finland)

Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility
Nokia Corporation
Prime Minister of Finland 1991-1995

Esko Aho heads Nokia's government and public affairs function, and oversees the company’s global policies and activities regarding sustainable development and social responsibility.

Ms. Emily Campbell (United Kingdom)
Director of Design
Design Discipline:Industrial Design
Ms. Nila Leiserowitz (US)
Managing Director
Design Discipline:Interior Architecture / Design
Ms. Valerie Jacobs (US)
Vice-President, Group Director
LPK Trends
Design Discipline:Communication Design
Mr. Kohei Nishiyama
Founder and Chairman
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