Ground transport


Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

1 Hsin-Yi Rd.,Sec.5,Taipei 11049,Taiwan ROC

MAP : http://www.ticc.com.tw/Flash/Traffic.aspx?Lang=en-US


TWTC Exhibition Hall 1

5 Hsin-Yi Rd.,Sec.5,Taipei 11049,Taiwan ROC



TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Taipei 11568, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  



Local Transportation

A. Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport<-->Taipei


There are several bus routes to choose from that operate between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and
Taipei City, including stop points in downtown Taipei and the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Make sure you choose the
bus which best takes you to your required destination.

(1) Airport Buses

Buses leave every 10 to 30 minutes from Terminal One. Upon entering the Arrival Area after leaving Customs,
proceed to the left side of the Hall to purchase bus tickets and board buses. A one way ticket costs TWD $120.
The trip usually takes about one hour.

  • a. Air Bus
    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - Taipei World Trade Center - Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • b. Taiwan Motor Bus
    Route 1 to Sungshan Domestic Airport
    Route 2 to Taipei Bus/Railway Station
  • c. Airport Shuttle Service
    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located about 30 miles from Taipei city. Airport shuttle buses run
    frequently between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Railway Station from 06:00–23:00.
    Eva and Fego Buses also provide transportation to downtown Taipei. Please check their airport counters
    for detailed route information.

(2) Airport Taxi

There is an additional 50% charge on top of the fare shown on the taxi meter for journeys from Taiwan
Taoyuan International Airport. The average fare (including additional charge) to Taipei is about
TWD $1,200.

(3) Hotel Limousine and Shuttle Bus

Major hotels provide this service to and from the Airport for their guests.


B. Taipei Sungshan Domestic Airport or Taipei Railway Station <--> Your Hotel


It is recommended to take a taxi between the two above locations and your hotel.


C. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport <--> Sungshan Domestic Airport


There is a shuttle coach service available daily from 06:00-22:30 that runs between Taiwan Taoyuan
International Airport and Sungshan Domestic Airport. These coaches are air-conditioned and have ample
space for luggage. A single fare is TWD $111. Sungshan has a second bus service making the run for TWD $54.


D. Your Hotel <--> TWTC Exhibition Hall


(1) Taxi

Taxis are the most convenient way for visitors to get around in Taipei. However, very few drivers speak
English, so always have your destination written down in Chinese or show a map guide to the driver to
indicate where you are heading before starting out. Most yellow taxis can be flagged down along main
streets. Taxi meters start at TWD $70 for the first 1.65 km and TWD $5 for each additional 350 meters.
TWD $5 is added to the fare for every three minutes the taxi is stationary. Between 23:00-06:00, the
fare meters start at TWD $70 for the first 1.375 km, with TWD $5 for each additional 290 meters, and
TWD $5 for every two and a half minutes the taxi is stationary. Passengers must also pay an additional
TWD $20 charge on top of the meter fare for each trip taken between 23:00-06:00. Receipts are
available upon request. Tipping is not necessary.

(2) Bus

Air-conditioned city buses are frequent and plentiful, fares differing according to the distance travelled. The
fare for a single section of the bus route is TWD $15. Pay upon boarding or getting off according to the bus
instructions. Buses that stop at the TWTC include bus routes 1, 20, 22, 33, 38, 226, 288, 292 and the
Hsin-Yi Line.

Here are some bus lines that stop at the TWTC Exhibition Hall for your reference:


Hsin-Yi Rd.

207, 294, B5, Hsin-Yi Main Line

KeeLung Rd.

20, 282, 284, 611, 625, 647, 650

Zhung Jing Rd.

1, 22, 226, 288, 33, 37, 38, 665, B5


(3) MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

Board the Bannan (Blue) Line MRT and get off at Taipei City Hall Station - TWTC is a
10-minute walk away.

You can also take the bus to the TWTC Exhibition hall after getting off at Taipei City Hall
MRT Station. Bus Nos. 537, B5 and 266, will take you directly to the TWTC
Exhibition Hall.

If you board other MRT lines, here's where you should transfer lines:

For passengers on the Danshui, Xindian and Zhonghe MRT lines:
Get off at Taipei Train MRT Station and transfer to the Bannan (Blue) MRT line.

For passengers on the Muzha MRT line
Get off at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station and transfer to the Bannan (Blue) MRT line.

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