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Grasp the last opportunity to have global designers’ collections

2011 IDA Congress Taipei Exclusive Souvenirs

2011 IDA Congress Taipei is a global designing festival. The in charge organisation elaborately planned a variety of exclusive souvenirs – 2011 IDA Congress Taipei memorial carry bag, 2011 IDA Congress Taipei MRT Easy Card, and 2011 IDA Congress Taipei Porcelain Bowl ‘Trip View Bowl’  -  to 3,000 attendants from all over the world. All participants enrolling by 12 Oct will receive exclusive souvenir designed by global top designers.

2011 IDA Congress Taipei carry bag combined east with west, presenting Design at the Edges perfectly

This carry bag was designed by Chen Hsian-Roo – Creative Director of STONY IMAGE. It was made of combined material, mixed Oriental Calligraphy Master Tung Yang-tzu hand brush works integrating with modern Western design and presenting Design at the Edges perfectly.

With the concept of ‘treasure box,‘ showing arbitrary freedom.
With the theme ‘Design at the Edges,’ mixing three materials, colors and textures.
With integration of east and west, presenting modern calligraphy with Totem.
With the unified shape, containing powerful flexibility.
With the idea of ‘greed,’ creating all-embracing infinity

Customer made 2011 IDA Congress Taipei MRT Easy Card – The greatest honor

The Customer made 2011 IDA Congress Taipei MRT Easy Card was specially produced by application to Taipei MRT Corporation. The in charge organization invited graphic design masters Chen Yongji and Yu Ming-Long co-design the ‘Design at the Edges’ image making the2011 IDA Congress Taipei MRT Easy Card particular and outstanding.
We would like to emphasize that participants enroll and pay handling fee by 5 Oct may have customer’s own name 2011 IDA Congress Taipei MRT Easy Card which is the greatest honor.


2011 IDA Congress Taipei Bowl ‘Trip View Bowl’ filled with Taiwanese Natural and Cultural Funs

This bowl just won 2011 iF Visual Communication Design Award and has been sold very well in Taiwan. It was designed by Peng Xsi-Chi – Director of Arty Design and was its created brand in 2008, which concentrates the culture and the landscape of Taiwan in a blue and white porcelain bowl with 12 centimeters in diameter. The in charge organisation spent a whole year specially made the Designed at the Edges Bowl, an exclusive souvenir for 2011 IDA Congress Taipei, presenting Shong-Shan Creative Cultural Park with fish-eye aerial view, it pictures the conference and exhibition halls as well as a 600 persons welcome group photo showing Taiwanese warm and hot welcome.


Deadline 14 Oct (extend) - Sincerely hope you will grasp the last opportunity

We opened 3,000 candidates for the 2011 IDA Congress since early of last December, so far 2,500 persons have enrolled. Participants enrolled and paid registration fee by 5 Oct will receive MRT Easy Card especially with his (or her) own name. Group more than 5 persons registered by 14 Oct can have 40% discount. Sincerely hope you will grasp the last good chance. If there is any quota left after 14 Oct deadline, it will be published on official website before activity and will be opened to the public for registration and payment at the activity place.