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Early Bird Registration for Design Exploration - ONLY before 12 October!

Login into the 2011 IDA Congress website immediately to register your intention to join ‘Design Exploration’ sessions. Grasp this great opportunity to have close interaction with Taiwan designers, and explore Taipei city from the center to its suburbs together.

Taipei is a city of impressive multi-cultures and innovative design. With the unparalleled opportunity to host the inaugural 2011 IDA Congress, apart from the indoor sessions, the organiser has also arranged design-related mobile forums, namely the ‘Design Exploration’ sessions. In order to provide visitors with a profound experience, the organiser has invited Taiwanese designers as Design Captains, with the designers having backgrounds from different disciplines including communication, fashion, industrial, interior and architecture. Participants of Design Exploration sessions will discover and experience the design diversity of metropolitan Taipei.

The organiser will arrange travel insurance in advance to ensure participants are covered in case of accident or injury. Design Exploration sessions are only open for pre-selection registration until 12 October. Each session is limited to 30 persons. To join this session, please register online now [click here].