Title:IDA Congress

Keynote Sessions : Speaker Profiles

Economic Development
Mr. Esko Aho (Finland)
Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility
Nokia Corporation
Prime Minister of Finland 1991-1995

Esko Aho heads Nokia's government and public affairs function, and oversees the company’s global policies and activities regarding sustainable development and social responsibility.

Panellists:Ms. Emily Campbell (United Kingdom)
Ms. Nila Leiserowitz (US)
Ms. Valerie Jacobs (US)
Moderator:Mr. Kohei Nishiyama (Japan)
The Internet
Mr. Barry Lam (Taiwan)
Chairman & CEO
Quanta Computer Inc.

Barry Lam has been described as a maverick among Taiwanese businessmen. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he moved to Taiwan to attend university. He started Quanta in 1988.

Panellists:Mr. Bill Seaman (US)
Mr. Eric Schuldenfrei (United Kingdon/Hong Kong)
Ms. Ruth Soenius (Germany)
Moderator:Mr. Chintay Shih (Taiwan)
Ms. Vandana Shiva (India)
Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a philosopher, environmental activist and eco feminist, as well as being one of the founders of Navdanya (Nine Seeds) International...

Panellists:Mr. Anthony Dunne (United Kingdom)
Mr. Cory Kidd (US/Hong Kong)
Ms. Susan Szenasy (US)
Moderator:Mr. Allen Wen-Hsiang Chiu (Taiwan)
Mr. Peter Bishop (United Kingdom)
Former Deputy CEO & Group Director of Design, Development and Environment
London Development Agency

Over the past 20 years Mr Peter Bishop has been a Planning Director in four different Central London Boroughs and has worked on major projects including Canary Wharf and the Kings Cross developments...

Panellists:Mr. Fred Gelli (Brazil)
Mr. Marco Steinberg (Finland)
Mr. Michael Murphy (US)
Moderator:Mr. Feng-Tyan Lin (Taiwan)
International Migration
Mr. Bob Elton (Canada)
Chair of the Board of Directors, Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia
Executive Chair, Powertech Labs Inc.

Bob Elton is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Skills Gap, which deals with issues around talent mobility and immigration. He is also Chair of the Immigrant Employment...

Panellists:Mr. Carlo Ratti (Italy/US)
Mr. David Fisher (United Kingdom)
Mr. Juan Carlos Baumgartner (Mexico)
Moderator:Mr. Mervyn Kurlansky (Denmark)

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