Registration regulations



1.  The age group for participants of the Young Designers Workshop (YDW) is between 18 and 32 (i.e. those born before 17 October 1993 and after 17 October 1979.)

2.   Registration is completed online. Every participant can sign up for five workshops arranged according to preference, or the participant agrees for the YDW staff to indicate order of preference.

3.  Each workshop will have a maximum 30 members, consisting of 15 Taiwanese members and 15 international members. Registration for the workshops will be closed when full capacity has been reached.

4.  When a registration is cancelled, the vacancy for the relevant workshop will be re-filled by an applicant on a waiting list.

5. When your reservation is completed and confirmed, you will receive a 'Payment Instruction' via e-mail, whereupon the applicant must pay the registration fee within 72 hours. Before the final date of payment, the organiser will notify payment instructions via e-mail, if payment is not received within 10 days after registration, the reservation will be cancelled.

6. When your payment is confirmed by YDW staff, you will receive a 'Registration confirmation notice,' indicating that your registration was successful and completed.

7. If all five workshops the applicant has applied for are full, the applicant can choose to accept alternative arrangements made by YDW staff or receive a full refund.

8. The final team member list will be announced and e-mailed to each member by 28 February 2011.

9.  YDW reserves the right to make alternative arrangements for the applicant if necessary.

10.  Personal information applicants provide will be kept confidential.




1. Name changes are only accepted when the original person and his/her substitute come from the same company, organisation or institute. The substitute person must be between the ages 18 and 32.

2. Please type or write in BLOCK letters to complete the substitution application form and sign by hand. Return the form via e-mail or fax after scanning it. Please make sure the organiser receives the form before August 31, 2011, or the application will be considered as invalid.

3. The substitute should type or write in BLOCK letters to complete the registration form and return it via e-mail or fax. Please make sure the organiser receives the form, or the application will be considered invalid.

4. Personal information applicants provide will be kept confidential.



Other points for attention

1.  Workshop orientations

   Orientations for each workshop will be announced later on the YDW official website.
   All members must bring their own ID or student ID, along with a photo and passport.
  Members not participating in the orientations and their respective workshops will be disqualified from attending the other events (including the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei and the evenings on three major themes) and no fee will be refunded.

2.  Insurance

The fee for the workshop does not include any insurance fees. Members can purchase their own insurance during the workshop if required.

3.  Intellectual property rights

All the works produced during the workshop belong to each workshop group and their respective members. Each workshop team has the right to publication and promotion of their works.

4. Age restriction for participants

Participants will be required to present an ID document (such as a passport) to verify there age is between 18 and 32 during on-site registration. If verification cannot be made that the participant is between the age 18 and 32 then:

(1). The participant will not be allowed to participate in the 2011 YDW Workshop.

(2). If the participant still wishes to attend the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei, then the participant must pay the difference in price between the YDW ticket (TWD $3 300) and the 2011 IDA Congress ticket (TWD $21 700), i.e. the participant must pay TWD $18 400 in cash.

(3). If the participant does not wish to attend the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei, there is no refund.



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