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About YDW




The Young Designers Workshop is hosted and organised by TDC and the Government of Taiwan and takes place 17-21 October 2011. YDW is a parallel event to the 2011 IDA Congress.


An international event especially for young designers all over the world!

Encouraging young designers to attend international events, we present you with '2011 Young Designers Workshop (2011YDW ).' YDW, as a prelude to the '2011 International Design Alliance Congress,' comprises 30 workshops, which are designed around specific themes ranging from industrial design, interior design and digital visual design to traditional crafts. Participants of the workshops will broaden their vision and perspective through different design approaches from various cultural backgrounds.


All YDW participants will have free admittance to the 2011 IDA Congress, the 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition and the evenings on three major themes. Results from the workshops will be displayed at the 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition and presented during the 2011 IDA Congress, providing a great opportunity to meet designers from around the world and express your unique point of view on design.

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