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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/21
Design and Culture integration(Sold Out)


National Chen Kung University,

Department of Industry Design


The significance of this workshop is the popularisation of Taiwan’s delicious cuisine, the purpose for which is to promote the art of Tainan’s unique gourmet food, the furtherance of cultural industries and to nurture design talents in the deep connotations of food design and culture. We hope to arouse peoples’ interest in Taiwan's food culture to enhance the quality of life and the essence that characterises food art.


To promote the food culture specific to Tainan, and impart Taiwanese well-known cuisine.

The workshop encourages interchange for foreign experts and students to better experience the beauty of Tainan, taking a journey round the old city, visiting monuments and tasting local delicacies to achieve the marketing objective of promoting the local characteristics of Tainan.


To promote international exchange between design industries, and enhance industrial competitiveness of Taiwan Food Culture.


Taiwan’s food culture combines tradition with creativity. We integrate creativity into the design of food utensils to elevate Taiwan's food culture on the international stage, and thereby drive business competitiveness.


To improve the quality of life for everyone and impart the characteristics of food art, and drive Culture and Tourism.

The workshop provides the opportunity to design more elegant traditional utensils through interactive learning, allowing design to enhance the quality and perception of life, and promote universal design aesthetics to everyone.











Taiwanese cuisine

Tainan Hotel / Dormitory

Bicycle / Bus



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The Department of Industrial Design has developed a full range of study objectives that cultivates humanistic and professional qualities, spurs innovation, encourages an international outlook and inspires concern for all, while developing characteristics that cut across disciplines. Developmental directions focus on training students in their reflective thinking and the cultivation of design concepts which are adaptable for design research and design projects. Our faculty have established practical training sessions in factories, and collaborate with design companies. We aim to pursue internationalisation and cooperation with companies. The Department has extensive global experience, including attending 5 international workshops, 8 international interflow camps, 4 design exhibitions and 4 symposiums. The department has fifteen full-time professors having considerable and varied backgrounds in a variety of design disciplines. The University faculty are first-rate, and have the proven ability to conduct large-scale activities. Professor Wu, Chairman of CID (Chinese Institute of Design), has contributed generously to design, and is devoted to universalising design activities. It is thus our pleasure to serve as an executive consultant.



















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