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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/21
Modern crafts & design Workshop(sold out)


National Taiwan University of Art

Department of Crafts & Design



The main purpose of the workshop is to adopt different materials such as ceramiclacquerjewelry and glass, etc., and combine traditional craft skills and innovative design in order to develop a product of cultural content and possessing creative elements. We can thereby observe the world with a new vision, through which we can absorb the essence of fashion and integrate self-experience so as to direct ourselves to explore and uncover new possibilities.











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About Us

Formerly known as The Department of Industrial Art of National Taiwan Academy of Arts, our department has been adjusting its curriculum and teaching materials due to the development of industries and the increasing need of design talents. Over the years several changes have been made: the Product Section and Decoration Section were first reshaped into the Crafts and Design Section and Applied Arts Section, and then into the Crafts Section and Design Section; while the Ceramics Section was established at a later date. After the school system reform in 1994, the Department of Industrial Art was reshaped into the Department of Crafts, and the former Ceramics Section was combined with the Crafts Section. Accordingly, the department now consists of the Crafts Section and Design Section. In 2000, as the art of crafts and design had matured and become increasingly specialized, it was necessary that the Crafts Section and Design Section be separated, and thus the Crafts and Design Section and the Department of Visual Communication Design were established. In 2001, when the school was reorganized from being a college into a fully-fledged university, the department was integrated into the Department of Visual Communication Design and Department of Multimedia and Animation Art, which constitute the College of Design.


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