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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/21
Creativity, Culture, Brand (sold out)


National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, 

Department and Graduate School of Visual Communication Design


Culture and lifestyles are essential to commercial development. Great creativity excites surprise in our lives, and design and aesthetics will be of vital importance for industrial competitiveness and management in the future. The business of cultural creativity of local industries can be industrialised by the combination of brand design and mass media, thereby integrating culture and creativity with industries. In order to reach the goal of cultural industrialisation, it is absolutely essential that local features are made to stand out while keeping brand imaging. Therefore, with ten years of  experiences in teaching design and industry-university cooperation with cultural creativity industries, the Department of Visual Communication Design of National Yunlin University of Science & Technology looks forward to encouraging Taiwanese and international students studying design to exchange their cultural experiences and design ideas through the “2011 International Design Workshop—Creativity, Culture, and Brand.”

     This proposal especially combines schools and industries, and will invite several designers and experts to discuss issues on the image of cultural industry branding and the expanding of creativity. The discussion will offer an insight into the development of cultural creativity industry in Taiwan. As to the members of the workshop, through courses, they can exchange opinions, discuss issues, and cooperate with their partners and advisers to acquire knowledge on brand designing for cultural creativity industries. What’s more, the workshop will arouse passion for this industry in students. Lessons in design practice will help members understand more about manipulating brands for cultural industries and advance the cultural creativity industry in Taiwan.

  “2011 International Design Workshop—Creativity, Culture, and Brand” will be held in National Yunlin University of Science & Technology for 5 days. The proposal has targeted the local industries in Siluo, Yunlin County, inviting experts and scholars from home and abroad to lead 30 members to visit six different cultural industries, including rice, soy sauce, bowl cake, braised foods, and Matsu temple. During the workshop, advisers and teachers will assist members in group discussion and brainstorming. By interacting with the advisers, members can learn and think about how to create new cultural features for the local industries and enhance their brand awareness around the world.













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The Department of Visual Communication Design of National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan, has been running for nineteen years since its establishment in 1991. In addition to brand design, the department also focuses on the application of 5 senses design, which features the design topics in this new era—humanity, sensibility, and warmth. Moreover, the department employs highly developed digital visual design that integrates audio and video using technological, digital, exquisite and multiple design display techniques.
















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