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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/21
Implementing international rescue with unitized design through study camps


Tainan University of Technology,

Department of Product Design/Interior Design


Recent years have seen frequent disasters worldwide, different calamities occurring in different areas, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, droughts ... etc. In the first instances of an emergency situation, besides rescuing people trapped in the disaster area, another important issue following that is the placement of shelter space for victims, when it is hoped to have the most convenient way to achieve the optimum placement mode for those people in the disaster area. And such a model can be used universally by any group of people. This workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss disaster situations of different locations worldwide and establish a study project. Participants will confer with each other on the requirements of people having to cope with different disasters, and then organise these requirements of different emergency situations to cover all. To present the critical factors, such as structure, material, modelling, operation, from a perspective that includes behavioural mode of use of an emergency evacuation modular design. By means of group and teamwork, all students will be assisted to create a universal basic concept that must cover the needs of different cultures while at the same time achieving internationalism. By gathering the needs of every disaster area and compiling results from studying emergency evacuation, we hope to find the key elements that achieve maximum convenience, safety and peace of mind. 













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About Us

The Department of Product Design in Tainan University of Technology strives to nurture professional designers to be both culturally and technologically creative, as well as enhancing our students’ digital skills (ex use of 2D, 3D sketch and modelling software) by all professional means possible to advance the design competence and competitiveness of our students with the aim of becoming top professional designers. Recently times have seen frequent disasters all over the world, and along with the worsening global climate change, the chances of an area having to face natural disasters becomes more serious. Taiwan has also been gravely affected. Through the design principles and concept of Universal Design, our department guides and encourages students to not only focus on design for minority groups (those with physical and mental disabilities, the elderly, etc.), and discussing questions of daily life, but to also consider designs related to the welfare of whole humanity. Following a serious disaster, it is imperative that the setting up or use of equipments is both timely and convenient. This is one of the pressing issues students have been discussing, and we look forward to this workshop for the coming together of design masters and students from various locations around the world, in which innovative design concepts will be created and new directions pursued to benefit the lives of people living in a disaster area and enhance adaptability of disaster relief.      


Economic development in Taiwanese has aroused public awareness and concern about the quality of interior design in their personal living space and public constructions, such as office areas, business areas, recreation areas, etc. And such a trend has created a demand for more interior design professionals in the public eye. At present, the Department has 3 programs:

* One Junior College Class covering a five-year program for students who have graduated from vocational junior high schools.

* Two College Classes covering a four-year program for students who have graduated from vocational high schools.

* One College Class covering a four-year night school program for students who have graduated from vocational high schools.

We are consciously developing this Department based on not only aesthetic experiential training, but also teaching with regard to knowledge and technique in the field of architecture and interior design. The Department has the intention of integrating interior design and art, and training needed professionals in interior design to serve the society.



The holding of this International Design Camp will be an opportunity to bring together young designers from around the world and local students to discuss a core subject about advice, assistance and rebuilding after a disaster occurs from the viewpoint and creativeness of design to discover the sources of problems. In addition, the workshop will provide a unique occasion for the betterment of design and the beginnings of innovative and creative ideas for product planning of temporary living spaces from different perspectives.


The surrounding neighbourhood of Tainan University of Technology is extremely convenient with respect to eating, shopping, living and traffic. There are many different snack bars and restaurants in front of our university, and all that a student needs can be found in stores nearby, such as stationery, art supplies, design supplies and output centers, as well as a student accommodation center…etc. You can walk to the nearest bus stations in less than 7 minutes, with the bus station close to National Highway No.1 and No.2 offeroing exceptionally convenient transportation to the North or South of Taiwan. Hence, Tainan University of Technology is a readily accessible college with a diverse faculty. We very much welcome every student from around the world.     










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