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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/17
100KM away from design


Tatung University,

Department of Media Design



What if designers leave design behind?

What if designs get rid of urban life?


Let’s return to a natural lifestyle and low-tech living to appreciate human nature and real human living. The Wu-Wei Gang Eco-community is 100 km away from Taipei city, and at such a far distance a natural, optimistic and hopeful human lifestyle is reserved.


During the workshop, homestay accommodation will be provided for students, thereby enabling the students to experience real Taiwanese family culture. The workshop will commence with a tour of the Wu-Wei Gang Eco-community, and will include discovering how they maintain an eco-friendly life style and sustain development of their community. ‘Grandpa’s Craft Factory’ and ‘Grandma’s Kitchen represent the core values of the Wu-Wei Gang Eco-community. Each family will create a chair for their own use, and cook one dish for sharing during the weekend.


Driftwood will be used as the material to develop either furniture or public art to reflect the way we live and express the spirit of eco-friendliness and sustainability. We will be exploring the practice of culture through the lens of local activities and culture. 

We will then explore how different cultures express themselves differently, paying particular attention to how designs suggest their meanings and how appearances have been adopted, interpreted and expanded. 


We will explore design methods and problem solving to help students and residents visually communicate their ideas. The interaction between students and residents play another important role in this workshop. Through this interacti0on, the final design works will be fully integrated with local beliefs.












Lunch Provided

KDM Hotel








About Us

Department of Media Design, Tatung University

Established in 1956, Tatung University is one of Taiwan’s top private universities, and is famous for its teaching and research, especially in the field of design. Tatung University is a true education-industry cooperative university. Tatung Company and her subsidiaries provide students with ongoing internship programs during the summer time and varied job opportunities after graduation. Besides Tatung Company, we also have links with various industries. Over 200 education-industry cooperative projects are implemented in the university each year.


Tatung University is located in the heart of Taipei city, making it an ideal place for studying design. A short 10-minute walk takes you to The Taipei Fine Art Museum, a 20-minute walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and a 30-minute walk to Taipei Artist Village. Tatung University is easily arrived at by city buses, and is also served by the Taipei metro system.


The Department of Media Design was established in 2009, and its high standards of departmental research and teaching aim for innovation, creativity and cultural literacy. The faculty are at the very top of their field, and the advanced equipments in the department provide you with all future needs.



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