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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/17
The Innovative Design Camp of Taiwan Digital and Local Culture(Sold Out)


National Yun Lin University of Science & Technology,YunTech

Graduate School & Department of Creative Design,

Graduate School of Cross-cultural Design


   This activity offers the opportunity for mutual cooperation between Taiwan and countries worldwide, designers from different nations will share their thoughts on design. Through tradition and design ideology, we hope to characterize and re-link the uniqueness of Taiwanese culture, with the intention of stimulating domestic designers to better designs from an international aspect.

    In addition, through diverse cultural learning, communication and mutual impression, workshop participants will have the chance to enhance their self-cultural identity and design ideologies, with the hope that students from both Taiwan and overseas can learn from Taiwan's unique cultural background. We look forward to seeing domestic and foreign students gaining an in-depth understanding of planning their future design goals, vision, design development and knowing the future needs of the industry, as well as being familiar with the requirements of design management methods.

    We hope to attract participants interested in design, and assist them in demonstrating the development of Taiwan's cultural diversity using creative thinking and the involvement of local entrepreneurs, with the intention of assisting in the balanced cultural advancement of international participants. Our purpose is to help students better understand future employment trends, and apply what they have learnt at the soonest opportunity. This workshop anticipates the participation of local design industries to provide their guidance and enable the student trainees to better understand Taiwan’s local cultural industries. Through our activities, we hope to highlight the future development and market potential of Taiwan designs, and achieve the goal of creating designs that showcase Taiwan's unique cultural style, thereby spotlighting Taiwan's cultural and design industries on the international arena, and once again raising Taiwan's international competitiveness.












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About Us

The Conversion of Design Environment – The Necessity of Integrated Design

The trademarkWorking Houserepresents one example of popularization of design.

Housewives can be designers, demonstrating the democratization of design.

Aesthetics and cultural economy create the culturalisation of design.

Design for the disadvantaged minority exemplifies welfare design.

Contributing to the progress of communities is one purpose of the realization of design in our lives.

Design integrating numerous specialized fields in the creatio0n of cultural gardens.

It’s the industry originating from creativity and cultural accumulation that advances our lives and surrounding environment through the formation and utilization of intellectual property rights, bringing about wealth and potential job opportunities.

The core knowledge that creates and integrates the design industries provides a deep experience and high-quality sense of beauty. (Integrated experiential economies, including services, locations, activities, commodities, etc.)



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