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Young Designers' Workshop

2011/10/17 - 2011/10/21
The fashion night market


National Taiwan Normal University,

College of Fine and Applied Arts
Graduate Institute of Design


The Graduate Institute of Design, NTNU will bring together domestic and international outstanding young designers into a design workshop to work with relevant industries on a blueprint to remodel Shida Night Market shopping district, and from an economical point of view, using traditional oriental art landscape and contemporary design culture to combine an atmosphere of design and cultural traditions. We will invite master designers to personally guide participants and provide courses related to urban landscape planning, service design and product development. Through intensive and effective rapid design projects, the workshop will analyze the development of a shopping district using creative imagination and service design, with the belief that it will allow the participants to understand the cultural characteristics of the shopping district and the meaning of contemporary creativity to design an area of contemporary economic value that integrates cultural and creative factors with district-specific resources.













Breakfast : fast-food

Lunch/Dinner : Meal Box

NTNU hall accommodations

Rent Bus


About Us

A ‘Practice-based’ research module based on design knowledge and theoretical exploration is mainly adopted to develop the strategic relationship affecting the interplay between design principles and practical design. Based on the spirit of creative experimentation, we strive to lead students to achieve diversity and breadth in design thinking and creativity, and to cultivate discourse and criticism competency.





1.    Shopping-- The NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) Main Campus is very close to the Shi-da Night Market, where all kinds of shops, clothing stores and grocery stores can be found. 24-hour convenience stores, supermarkets, traditional markets and bookstores are also just around the corner.

2.    Dining—In addition to the cafeterias on NTNU campus, such as Fu-hua restaurant and the basement restaurant, etc., Shi-da Night Market is on the doorsteps of the dormitories, which is one of the more well-known night markets in Taipei, where restaurants, snack bars, cafes and street vendors abound with prices to suit all budgets. Things really heat up on the weekends!



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